Diving Activities Done For State Security

Diving Activities – As a person who lives in a maritime country like Indonesia, of course, you already know about diving. Where diving is one of the water activities that you can try, with your diving, you will get an extraordinary experience. Because you will be able to see the underwater scenery that is so amazing. But did you know that diving is not only done solely for water sports because there are many more destinations for people to do this diving, as you have seen in the title section above where this diving can be done for the sake of national security? Now, do you want to know the explanation? Immediately, see below.

Diving Activities Done For State Security

So some activities can be done when diving is used or carried out in the interests of national security. One way is to do tactical diving. This is done as an effort for the security interests of a country, especially through the sea media. Of course, there will be many countries that have territorial borders with other countries separated by the sea. So diving will be very necessary to protect national security.

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Not only that, but there are also other activities related to the security of this country. Namely by doing ship salvage or it could be said an effort to rescue a sinking ship. In the waters, of course, the soldiers will use the aid of ships as their transportation while in the waters. Well, if in case the ship experiences an unwanted incident such as sinking for example. Then diving will be done by a rescue team to save the passengers in it, also, such as ships experiencing damage that occurs underwater. Then diving needs to be done as an effort to save the ship. So that the ship will not sink, but if you like diving, then you can try Adventure Diving Bali to add to your experience in the field of water sports.

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