Types of Diving Sports You Need to Know

Types of Diving Sports – On this occasion, we will try to discuss the types of diving. You certainly already know this diving sport. Where other words are also can be called diving activities. Well, you need to know that diving activities are not only done under the deep sea. But this one activity can also be done at sea level, so if you have assumed that diving can only be done while in the deep sea, then you are wrong. Because now diving can also be done at sea level.

Types of Diving Sports You Need to Know

In this type of diving, the sport will be distinguished based on the depth of water that must be explored by divers later. You surely already know that each depth will have different challenges according to its level. Well, then you are curious better. Just refer to the types of water sports on this one.

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The first type of diving is diving in the shallows. From the name, you already know that divers will dive in the depths of the sea which is not too deep. With a maximum limit of depth is only 10 meters.

Then the second continued, there was such a thing as diving in the medium sea—a little more from shallow sea dives. Where the depth for diving is 10 to 30 meters, this is done with sufficient skills and abilities because the depth of the water has increased.

Then the last type is deep-sea diving. Where the depth of the sea being explored is more than 30 meters, now is this type of diving you as a diver must have a qualified ability. But if you do not have good skills in deep-sea diving. Then it must be accompanied by divers who are more professional and more experienced. For those of you who like diving activities, you can try Adventure Diving Bali that will add to your experience in diving activities.

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