Types of Diving Activities Based on the Purpose

Diving Activities – Diving is one of the activities that can be done to fill your vacation time. If you have the opportunity to take a vacation, then don’t waste it. Because if you use it well, then you will be able to get a holiday experience that will not be forgotten. Well, one of the activities that you can do to fill your vacation time is to go to the sea. There you can do many activities related to water sports. One way is by diving. With you doing this diving then you can spoil your eyes by the beauty of the underwater that is so exotic. Given that Indonesia itself has a beautiful underwater view.

Types of Diving Activities Based on the Purpose

Now talking about diving, of course you need to know a little about these types of diving. Which types of this type will be distinguished based on the purpose of this dicing. So instead of just curious, just consider the following explanation.

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  1. The first is that diving is done in the interests of national security. One example is like for example, tactical diving and also ship salvage. As we already know, Indonesia is a maritime country where most of its territory is the ocean. So that state security also needs to be done in water or sea. So that diving can be used for the sake of national security.
  2. Next is for the benefit of underwater construction. One example is by mining offshore. Of course, mining activities are not only carried out on land. But in the ocean, there are also abundant reserves of natural resources. Now, therefore, it is necessary to do mining in the middle of the sea. But to build its construction, it is necessary to use divers to carry out all activities underwater.
  3. The third is for scientific purposes. Not infrequently also, many researchers want to research things that are underwater or the ocean. So this diving needs to be done to make it easier for researchers to do everything.
  4. And the last is the type of diving that is commonly done. Namely diving for sports. Yes, diving is one of the water sports that you can do with fun and fun.

Now that’s some type of diving that is distinguished based on the purpose of doing. Well, for those of you who want to fill your vacation time by doing activities other than diving, you can also try Bali Underwater Walk, which is guaranteed to be fun and fun to d

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